Why You Should Have a Holiday Party!

The Holiday Season is a great time of the year to have a holiday if you are a business or just anyone. From our experience your workplace should consider doing a Holiday Party and booking it with WAVE DJ SERVICE OF CENTRAL NEW YORK. This is because besides being a great night of food, music, and fun, they are a great morale booster for everyone in the workplace.

Here are some concerns I have heard from various people regarding the idea of Holiday Parties for the workplace and responses to them:

We don't want our workers getting drunk and then driving because then we're liable.

-Talk to your banquet facility about doing a cash bar only, or you could serve no alcoholic beverages period!

We don't have time this December for a Holiday Party!

-Yes, December can be a hectic month for all. However, business dies down a little after the first of the year, which is still a good time to conduct a Holiday Party. In fact many businesses opt to have a Holiday Party early in the first quarter when the rush is over.

We don't want to offend anyone who doesn't observe Christmas!

-WAVE DJ SERVICE OF CENTRAL NEW YORK can work with you to make sure that the music we play is suitable for all denominations at your Holiday Party.

Nobody at my workplace has time to plan out a Holiday Party!

-Form a committee. Yes, a committee! Talk to a few co-workers and see if they would be willing to do so. Of course get your boss. permission but in the end two or three people working to fulfill a goal is better than one.

Can we book an event at any time of the year instead of around the Holidays?

Absolutely! Corporate events are not bound to one month of the year. You can book many events for the workplace. A few that come to mind are a pool party, a clambake, or a night of dinner and dancing!